By Victorian law, hoarding and temporary fencing is required for:

  • Public protection*
  • Containment of works, materials and debris*
  • Exclusion of unauthorised persons
  • Impact resistance*
  • Arrest of flying particles and dust*
  • Be, in itself, structurally adequate*

Carrick only supply complying, engineered products to be used in their intended application. We do not compromise worker or public safety. Carrick uses Square Hollow Section (SHS) Duragal profiles as the basis for its patented structures - with the strength and durability of steel, the 'Carrick' systems provide a high level of safety to pedestrians and workers.

With easily removable panels, contractors also reap the benefits of the systems flexibility. Importantly, our designs are engineered and backed by legitimate, Structural Engineer certified computations to comply with current codes of practice.

All industry registrations in place for work on building sites. 

Carrick Hoarding Hire is a Member of the Australian Temporary Fencing Association. 

Tested and certified to Australian Standard AS 4687-2007
- Temporary Fencing and Hoardings.

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